about me

Just living is not enough…
you also need sunshine, freedom
and a little flower.

Hans Christian Anderson

I agree. A little flower is enough to make me happy!
I worked for a long time as a graphic designer,
but during an internship in a beautiful flower shop, 
I discovered a new way of expressing my creativity –  flowers!
I went on to earn a diploma in flower design,
gained my first experiences and slowly began to work
as a free lance florist for important events.
I work in my small flower workshop.
Here I create flower arrangements for my clients,
choosing the right flowers for every occasion,
always considering clients preferences and the different seasons.
I enjoy inventing flower arrangements for both small and large events:
flowers for your home or special occasions such as dinner parties,
as well as arrangements for weddings and other celebrations.
My style is natural with a touch of vintage.

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